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“Bowery is the best kept secret in the VC business - a SWAT team of responsive veteran lawyers. We use them almost exclusively.”
“I wholeheartedly recommend Eric and the exceptional team at Bowery Legal for any startup seeking reliable and comprehensive legal support. Their expertise from incorporation, funding, to intellectual property management has been instrumental to our success, and their professionalism & speed has consistently earned our trust and confidence. ”
“Working with Bowery has been an absolute pleasure. Thanks to their advice and legal services we never had to worry about encountering unexpected legal issues building our start up. One of the easiest teams to work within the industry, will definitely continue to work with them well into the future.”
“Working with Bowery Legal has been wonderful for us. They have helped us navigate complex legal issues and protected against potential legal disputes. Their expertise has given us the confidence we need to focus on growing our business, knowing that our legal matters are in good hands.”
“I’ve worked with Eric and Ray for several years and they’ve always been a huge help. Whether it’s corporate formation, employee equity, financing, or any other legal request, they offer exceptional guidance and support. They are a pleasure to work with and I trust them to have our best interest in mind.”
“The Bowery team has been more than generous to our company with their time, resources, and even their own networks and contacts to help grow our business. They go above and beyond customer service by keeping us fearless of sending short inquiries like an internal team member, to appropriately communicating long term research, work, and estimates well in advance. The communication is clear, the expectations are set, they are flexible, personable, and down to Earth, and we couldn’t have asked for more than this in our legal team as a startup company.”
“Eric and the Bowery team were enormously helpful in getting our company off-the ground. They’re not only knowledgeable and professional, but also incredibly personable and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”
“Eric and the Bowery team have been critical to our scaling story at Luxor. We engaged Bowery when Luxor was just 4 cofounders and have grown to over 50 with Bowery as our corporate counsel. For us, having a legal team that is incredibly responsive and nimble is crucial and Bowery has exceeded in every aspect.”
“The team at Bowery Legal have been invaluable for us since we’ve started working with them. We do not view them as simply our lawyers but close business partners that have helped us craft our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and create our foundational commercial agreements with customers. Recently, they played a crucial role in helping us successfully negotiate and close our equity financing, displaying tremendous responsiveness, expertise and thoughtfulness throughout the process.”
“We chose to work with Eric and the Bowery team because they know startups and it’s all they do. I’ve worked with big law firms before, I always feel like a second class customer because I have a startup budget. I recommend Bowery to other startups for this reason. I can just call or email Eric a quick question without feeling it will cost me significantly and get the answers I need. They also just take care of everything with little intervention on my part, so it’s great to be able to trust them to get the job done right the first time.”
“Efficient, cost-effective, and exceptional – our experience with Bowery Legal has been unparalleled. They treat us as a priority, providing same-day responses and top-notch work. A refreshing alternative to the big firms!”
“The Team at Bowery have been our lead counsel now for more than two years. Their expertise is always on point, accurate and well thought through. They are always there reliably quickly when we need them, yet they do what we need done efficiently on short notice, as is common for us being a start up with quick moving deals. We would highly recommend the Bowery Legal team to anyone.”
“Eric, Ray and the team at Bowery are a pleasure to work with - I know whenever we have a legal matter to discuss, they make themselves immediately available.”
“As a long time client of Bowery Legal, they have gone above and beyond at all hours of the day, especially when we’ve needed them the most. When it comes to having someone in your corner and fighting on your behalf, we couldn’t be in better hands.”
“From my experience working with countless law firms, the Bowery Team is exceptional. They have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by startup companies and work at that same fast pace. They’ve been immensely helpful with expertise in everything from business formation, funding, IP, and contract negotiation. They get what it takes to make a startup successful and take the time to get to know their clients and understand their unique challenges. They’re super responsive and always available to answer questions and provide updates. I highly recommend Bowery to any entrepreneur in need of legal support. ”
“The Bowery Legal team assisted us in building out the commercial contracts for our entire suite of software products, as well as in organizational matters ranging from employment to sales. I couldn’t be more impressed with their breadth of knowledge in the tech space, from intellectual property to data privacy and security. I used to think this sort of experience, responsive and quality of work could only be found at the largest white-shoe firms, but Bowery Legal delivered all of that and more, and at half the cost!”
“Eric and Ray have helped us immensely as we have navigated issues related to being a new fund. They’ve helped us with day to day issues but also helped us figure strategic issues related to fundraising and future growth. I continue to be impressed with their speedy but detailed response to our questions about transactions and routine business issues. We consider them to be a strategic partner as we grow.”
"I've worked with many top-tier firms in my career, and I can honestly say my experience Bowery Legal has been an incredible breath of fresh air! Eric and the team are the most responsive attorneys I've ever worked with, and the quality of their strategic and legal judgment is world-class. We’ve enjoyed every minute of our relationship with Bowery and are excited about partnering with them for years to come."
"I've worked with many top-tier firms in my career, and I can honestly say my experience with Bowery Legal has been an incredible breath of fresh air! Eric and the team are the most responsive attorneys I've ever worked with, and the quality of their strategic and legal judgment is world-class. We’ve enjoyed every minute of our relationship with Bowery and are excited about partnering with them for years to come."

Modernizing Client Relationships Through Software
We are a modern firm that leverages software to make our relationships with clients seamless. Our operating systems allows for rapid growth. Think digital signatures, real-time digital collaborative functions, and crypto payments.
Startup Information & Resources

A bootstrapped company needs to file the necessary formation documentation, set up its internal governance mechanisms, issue its equity and make sure it owns all of the relevant intellectual property underlying the new venture. Every company needs to file either a Certificate of Formation (for a Delaware LLC) or Certificate of Incorporation (for a Delaware
C-Corporation) with the state of Delaware. Companies also need to memorialize their rules of internal governance – for a C-Corporation that would be found in the company’s Bylaws and in an LLC that would be in the LLC Operating Agreement. C-Corporations also need to make sure to properly appoint a Board of Directors to run the company, and see to it that the Sole Incorporator resigns. Everything after that is dictated by the context of the specific company. The company will want to issue equity out to its founders and likely subject those founders to four-year vesting if there are more than one (and don’t forget your 83(b) filing!!). Most companies will want to establish an employee Equity Incentive Plan and allocate a portion of the authorized equity to that plan. You also want to make sure that the company, and not the founders or employees, own all of the necessary intellectual property by having each founder and employee sign a Proprietary Information and Invention Assignment or Technology Assignment Agreement, as applicable. If you are operating in a different state or states than where your entity is incorporated (for example, a Delaware corporation with its base of operations in New York), you will want to file Foreign Qualifications to do business in any applicable states. Finally, as always, the company will need the proper board and stockholder (or member) resolutions approving, as necessary, all of the foregoing actions, documents and equity issuances.
While it is possible to conduct business without establishing any sort of formal corporate entity, there are a variety of reasons why it is a good idea to set up your business as a corporation or an LLC.

First and foremost, establishing a formal business entity provides founders with the benefits and protections of limited liability. This generally means that the liability of a business owner to satisfy legal claims is limited to the amount that owner has invested in the company (along with the value of the company’s assets). Without the benefit of limited liability, creditors, customers, partners and other parties that do business with your company can go after the personal assets of business owners in a lawsuit if the business does not have adequate funds to pay off a legal claim. On top of that, in a partnership without limited liability, all partners are jointly and severally liable for the acts of the other partners. This means that if one partner acts negligently, recklessly or fraudulently, all partners could be liable to satisfy the full extent of any claim. On the other hand, with limited liability, partners and co-founders that did not participate in any of these acts would be personally protected.

There are also other benefits of forming a business entity. One is the potential to save money on taxes, which is a major benefit for early stage founders that are often struggling to make ends meet. Another is related to ownership of intellectual property. Most founders assign all company related intellectual property to their business entity right after the entity is legally formed, to make sure that all IP that is of value to the enterprise is owned by the entity itself and not owned jointly by the various founders. Joint ownership of IP can be extremely complicated and create a variety of economic, legal and logistical issues for a business as it grows and tries to bring investors on board. So, absent extraordinary circumstances, it’s better for one entity to retain ownership of all company IP even if the product was a collaborative effort. That way, all owners of the business are growing value in the business itself. Finally, if you hope to bring in outside investors, it is highly unlikely that they will invest in your business idea unless that investment flows through a company, with all of its attendant structural and legal protections.